Viewing *.gpx tracks online (bye bye Google Earth)

I’ve been using Google Earth for viewing the logs from my gps logger. Yesterday I planned to install an updated version of GE. But then I realized that GE pulls in a ridiculous amount of dependencies from God knows where:

alien at exim4 exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light guile-1.8-libs libelf1 libgsasl7 libmailutils2 libntlm0 libpython2.6 librpm1 librpmbuild1 librpmio1 lsb-core m4 mailutils ncurses-term pax rpm rpm-common rpm2cpio time

exim4? Seriously?!? Bloated closed source that doesn’t build cleanly on my aptosid box? Time to give it up!

I tried Google maps, but that didn’t work very well. While it supports uploading of files, it just displays the first 200 track points. Not acceptable. The full track can be displayed, but only if one uploads the track to a web server, and then imports the file as an URL. This actually works quite well, but I don’t like the extra step of having to upload the file to a server.

After some googling I found two sites where you can upload the files in your browser, and then view the track. You don’t have to register, you can start use the services at once.

uTrack seem to be the most feature rich and coolest in my opinion. The report shows a lot of information, such as elevation profile, speed profile and distance. You also have the possibility to save the report to a pdf. Me like!

GPSVisualizer has similar functionality.



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